From a family company to a family of companies

Ikotile is part of Metrotile Europe that has been manufacturing roofing tiles since 1997. The company Metrotile Europe is founded by Sergio Canini in cooperation with Metrotile New Zealand, to provide the European, Middle-eastern and African market with high quality metal roofing solutions.  

In December 2010, Metrotile New Zealand sold its interests in Metrotile Europe and Metrotile Europe started to work together with a new partner, the IKO Group, the bitumen shingles expert. The Ikotile brand was named after the consolidation and created for sales into the Asian regions.

The Ikotile/Metrotile philosophy stems from the model on which the company is based: 'we are a family company!' The family includes our employees and of course our business partners!  They are the meaning and purpose of our thoughts and actions. We build our competitive advantage on a strong local presence combined with the resources of the corporate company.  

Our core specialism is the sustainable manufacture of roofing materials for residential or functional buildings, with special focus on:

Guaranteed product quality

An essential element of our overall company policy is to supply optimum quality to meet the requirements and expectations of our business partners. Constant improvement is a permanent objective of our company. The basic prerequisite for this is a strong quality management system.

Next to quality systems, is each product pressed from the highest quality steel available in our industry, to guarantee a durable and strong roof. The products are regularly tested on coating adhesion, flexibility and coating hardness to ensure they conform to the standard, before being despatched.

Good service and personal support

At IKOtile, our adherence to high quality does not begin and end with our products: we also understand the importance of providing support of the highest quality. Flexibility is one of our great strengths, which is why we are so good at introducing new products so quickly. Our business is characterised by an open and informal culture. This allows us to respond quickly to market demand.

We heavily invest in research and development to ensure our range continues to meet customer needs, in addition to investing in industry standard resources to provide market-leading support.

With more than 20.000m² production and warehousing area in Tongeren, today we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal roofing materials.  Our roofing materials can be seen on rooftops in over 80 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, which represents today more or less 10.000.000 m² roofs covered with our roof materials.  

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