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Visit us at 23-25.10.2013 at the 'Japan Home and Building show' in Tokyo

posted on 2013.07.04

1. Japan's Largest Trade Show for Building and Housing and Interior Industry

Japan Home & Building Show is the largest exhibitions of the housing and building industry in Japan with a 30-year history. Japan Home & Building Show always draws incredible attention welcoming almost 500 exhibitors around the world.

2. A wide variety of Exhibits

A wide range of products including Building Materials, Housing Equipment, Furniture, CAD, Wood Building Materials, PV products, Interior etc. will be exhibited.

3. Latest Industry Information

You can obtain the up-to-date knowledge of the Building, Housing and Interior industry. The information on new products are also available at Japan Home & Building Show.

4. Home, Building and Interior Week!!

This year, under the Home, Building and Interior Week, we will be calling for interior products which are components of buildings as a new area in addition to the latest housing and building related products and services. This enables the visitors to access to information on a breath of products at one stop; from the structure of homes and buildings to interiors.

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